Illegitimate children of William Chambers?

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20 November 2016 08:59

My husband is descended from the Britten family of the Llanelly tavern, the Ship and Castle.
His great grandmother Sarah Anne Williams married William Henry McKiernin of the Ty Melyn (opposite the Ship and Castle) in 1858. it is recorded on the marriage certificate that her parents were Sarah Britten and William Williams. W H McKiernin had immigrated to Australia and established a successful road making business before he wrote to the Britten family requesting Sarah Anne’s hand in marriage. He died in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia in 1862 after a fall from his horse.
Sarah Anne remarried to John Russel Evans. This time she stated that her parents were Sarah Britten and William Chambers, gentleman.
In his Will, W H McKiernin appointed William Chambers Jun Esq as a trustee to sell his (McKiernin’s) properties in Wales, thus showing a relationship between the families. 
Another strong indication of the relationship between Sarah Anne and the Chambers family is found in the name of her brother, William Chambers Williams. He also immigrated to Australia, where he committed suicide in 1861. It was noted in newspaper reports of his death that he had served in the Royal Navy, was sent to the Crimea, and was present when the forts at Sebastopol were blown up. I have been told that it was not unusual for illegitimate children of the aristocracy to be given the father’s Christian name as a surname, and that it was not unusual for illegitimate sons to serve in the military.  The National Archives website shows a William C Williams, Royal Navy Officer who was born 19 December 1835 and who immigrated to Australia. If this is our W C Williams, then he was born five months after William Chambers Jun Esq married Joanna Trant Payne.
Sarah Britten was two years younger than William Chambers Jun Esq. She died aged thirty in 1842.
Based on the above evidence, do you believe that Sarah Anne and her brother William Chambers Williams were the illegitimate children of William Chambers Jun Esq?  Could they be the children of William Chambers senior??